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Climate change and sustainability is becoming an increasingly complex area for organizations to navigate.


When coupled with an uncertain global economic outlook and the increasing prevalence of more extreme external climate impacts, it might seem that they only way for organizations to prepare for the future is with an increasingly risk-focused approach to business and sustainability underpinned by agile and resilient organizational strategies.

Our view is that change is the only constant. This is why we believe it’s important for us to be able to provide informed end-to-end services across the full spectrum of sustainability related issues and themes.


To truly add value and support organizations with decision making and implementation, each of these areas also needs to be underpinned by technical experts with practical experience of delivering impactful outcomes across industry areas.

Design of an enterprise sustainability / ESG strategy for a global real estate investor and developer. The strategy encompassed all business verticals and market geographies, and was aligned to GRESB, SASB and TCFD. 

How we have helped our clients


Design of a TCFD-aligned investment risk screening tool and guidance to assess the impacts and costs of climate change for a commercial bank's investments in private sector forestry and pulp and paper assets. 

Measurement and monetization of multi-capital impacts (human, social, natural, financial / manufactured capital) for natural resource utilities using non-market priced, externality valuation methods. Aligned to the Natural Capital and Human and Social Capital Protocols.

Development of a streamlined management system to facilitate continuous improvement in the delivery of an Oil & Gas client’s key activities as defined by value stream, support  and management activities (eg Risk & Compliance, HSE). 

Sustainability / ESG strategy design & implementation

TCFD-aligned climate risk investment tool

Sustainability impact valuation

Operational management system design 

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Net-zero decarbonization of operations and portfolios

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