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We help clients to integrate sustainability/ ESG into their strategy, business models, and organizational processes and structures

Twisted Roof Structure

Good intentions and incremental plans are insufficient - companies and investors need to focus their efforts on scaling sustainable change for maximum impact

We place sustainability at the core of your business strategy and operations

Developing sustainability / ESG -led business cases and testing risk, reward and impact aspects

Building and executing sustainability / ESG implementation plans

Benchmarking corporate impact and SDG performance

Performing business modelling and advanced data and sustainability/ ESG analytics

Designing, planning and implementing integrated sustainability/ ESG management systems

Building internal capabilities and skills in order to drive and maintain sustainability transformation and change initiatives

Guiding clients through the application of integrative and cross-disciplinary thinking in order to solve sustainability challenges via disruptive innovation

Sustainability Strategy:





Take Stock

Identify the Target

Future State

Lay out 

the Path

Design the Action Plan

Diagnostic & 

Baseline Assessment

Identify ambition & aspiration

Benchmark Assessment

Determine company & 

societal issue materiality

SWOT & Gap Analysis

Identify strategic

focus areas

Design & appraise draft options with Cost, Benefit & Risk profiles

Prioritize strategic options

Establish basis for target setting

Develop strategy & implementation plan:

  • Sustainability Framework

  • Roadmap (schedule)

  • Governance & Accountability Structure

  • Change Management Plan

  • Performance Measurement & Monitoring System

  • Stakeholder Communications & Engagement

  • Internal Reporting & External Disclosure