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Our Clean and Low Carbon Fuels (CLCF) practice is dedicated to helping your business navigate compliance with new and evolving regulations

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Sustainable and near zero carbon fuels are critical to the global energy transition and achievement of decarbonization pathways 

Our team of experts has extensive experience in the fields of Life Cycle Assessment (LCA), clean fuels (liquid, gaseous and solid), forestry, agriculture and carbon removal. 

We have helped  companies of all sizes across various industries understand their regulatory requirements, maintain compliance and identify business opportunities. 


We specialize in performing verification services that are directly related to CLFC compliance, whether for primary suppliers and obligated parties or for voluntary credit generators.


Our audit professionals work with accredited verification bodies to deliver verification services related to Canada’s new Clean Fuel Regulations. 


We provide strategic guidance, operational assistance, and regulatory consulting for the petroleum and alternative fuels sectors.


Our team includes former energy executives with in-depth knowledge of provincial and federal low-carbon fuel program requirements, combined with expertise in business strategy, development, regulatory affairs, and compliance.

Our verification services cover the following range of compliance requirements under the Regulations:
  • Compliance Report and Compliance Credit Revenue Report (due by July 31 every year), and Complementary Compliance Report from primary suppliers (due by December 15 every year). 
  • Credit Creation Report and Credit Adjustment Report from registered creators and/or primary suppliers (due by June 30, 2023, and then either quarterly or annually). 
  • Carbon Intensity Pathway Report (required after July 1, 2024). 
  • Application for Approval of Carbon Intensity (required after July 1, 2024). 
  • Material Balance Report (required after July 1, 2024).

Our comprehensive service offerings encompass:

  • Consulting related to provincial or federal CLCF programs, including establishing compliance-based information management systems.

  • Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) studies utilizing openLCA or GHGenius.

  • Credit sales brokerage services.

  • Financial modeling, strategy formulation, and business development support.

  • Training and capacity enhancement.

  • Funding proposal creation and drafting.

  • Preparing applications to recognize CO2e emissions reduction or removal projects under existing quantification methods.

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